Monday, June 14, 2021
Yvesner Sylla - Haiti

Yvesner Sylla - Haiti

Yvesner Sylla works with Pastor Albert and oversees a program for over 200 orphans in St Marc.

A message from Sylla:

"I am not trying to make you do what you can not do and I know things are really hard over there not only in Haiti I am just trying to let you know the way things are in Haiti. I can tell you if The Lord did not bring you and most high ministry was not we do not know how we could handle this situation.

Thanks a million for helping Haiti

It was really important for your ministry to come in Haiti to try to change the way they see things and I believe that work will as we continue to honor God I can tell you have done a lot for Haitian people and God will keep on blessing you exceedingly above cause every good and perfect gift comes from Him alone you are like a gift we receive.

Tell the supporters and your family we really grateful for sacrifices and what you do for Haitian and for what you about to do.

I love you for the person you are and for your love for Christ we pray for you."